Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Packing the blighters for franceland

Hello again. Tomorrow is the 1st of 2 days of packing by the professionals so all our personal goodies can be shipped over to our french house.
I have been sorting and packing for weeks, between french classes and other bits of life and now that the day is almost upon us I don't think I've done enough.
the fabric is still in boxes and not in bags, the computers aren't yet packed, there seems to be things everywhere and not all in one place. eeeekkkkk the mess.

I'm not sure if I've packed waaay too much in my suitcase and the hope is that everything that's left will be sold on sat morning in our mother of a garage sale.

G is off at sewing class and I SHOULD be packing and eating dinner and packing but I'm posting this blog.......hmmm do I sense a touch of procrastination?

We did spend over $500 today on meds for G and with both of us not working the money seems to be just pouring out of us. I really hope that once this uplift is done, the garage sale sells everything else, someone buys the Fiat the VW and the scooter I can relax a tad and ready myself for leaving my mum and friends and other family. Hope I don't cry too much at the airport.

Friday, 7 October 2011


we got our visas!!!! yippeee
So the shipping can go ahead, the packing can be sorted, the tickets will be used and we fly out in 5 weeks.

that's a good mark to being organised.
the pictures even look nice so it was worth dressing up with makeup and the sort for the pictures. I think I look a bit french already.

only short toninght - now back to sorting papers into rubbish piles taller than me.
we seem to collect so much detrius. I'll talk about this later.