Saturday, 30 July 2011

possible step forward

Got a letter on wed from the bank of the owner of the the house we're renting til the end of oct.
It appears that the owners have defaulted on the mortgage and WE have to vacate within 62 days (59 now). So that pushes the moving out up by a month. We're not really ready at all for that so it's a bit stressful.
On the down side we'll have no-where to live for about 2 months while we sort everything out.
On the plus side it's making us really push with the visa and shipping things.
Found a lawyer in Sydney that will hopefully help us once we send him the email details of what we want- for a fee of course.
We HAVE to visit Sydney to apply in person for the visas so a little visit will be in order- and fun I hope.
Getting our first international movers coming over on monday for a looksee and quote.
phhhhhhhhh. this is all very tiring.
I've been back 6 weeks from France now and it feels like I haven't stopped yet haven't achieved much either.
I think once I know whether we can get the visas for living in France I will be just a LITTLE STRESSED!!!!
It's going to work though. I am going to succeed. We WILL be living in France for xmas 2011. There- it's sent out to the universe and the universe will agree.

Friday, 22 July 2011


oh oh oh. We have got a website. It's under construction while I learn ANOTHER language- web speak but we have a business website. Told you I'd do it.

MEP house renos

This is a back dated post I guess.
I went overseas on a rush with C to get the house reins started. I mean a rush. We booked a flight to Paris 5 hours before the plane left. It was crazy and wonderful. I'd been having massive emotional issues and C was heading over on the friday. I KNEW I couldn't cope without him so we booked the flight. I had to fly over the day before and wait for him at a hotel but it was worth it. As I'd left before my interview for the job I'd been doing on contract for 2 1/2 years, I ended up staying 6 weeks in France as no job to come back to.

C only could stay 2 weeks so I had 4 weeks on my own, ordering tiles, getting loyalty cards at the Leroy Merlin and generally wrangling the wonderful British builders into getting a new bathroom upstairs. It's the 1st time either of us will have an ensuite AND walk in robe area. OOh aint we swish!!

So this amazing bathroom- It's going to have a clawfoot bath, a waistband of very fancy tiles and a WC that has the sink incorporated into the top of the cistern. Wonderful vintage styled taps and sink as well.
Originally when C and I were planning it, the location was to be the middle room at the top of the stairs. When the plumber arrived (C had gone back to Oz by this) I was told it could only be in the end room due to the sewage location. So within a few hours I had redrawn the design to fit the end room. Thus an ensuite was born.

During the next 4 weeks I had to redesign it 2 more times and source EVERYTHING for it, in french. Thank you Google Translate and my iphone. I would have been a monosyllabic moron without you both.
I came home 2 weeks earlier than planned (8 weeks away) as it was C's birthday. So the bathroom was unfinished when I left but 2/3rds of the way there. So exciting.

The start

So here is the 1st of hopefully many posts in this little blog about our trials and final success (I'm being positive) in moving to France.
So far we have been trying to get advise on the right visa for us to move our little costume business to our house in the Vendee. TO NO AVAIL. No one seems to be able to help us. We've been trying to get advice  for many many months and nothing.

Some background first eh...
Chris (hubby) and I bought a house in France back in Oct 2010 in the deep desire to move there. We are born and raised Aussies but love the culture in Europe and especially France. We have been making historical costumes for re-enactors for over 15 years each and now want to make it our sole employment. France is a much better place to be and have access to the European re-enactment community and all those museums. So we set our berets on the big move.

Problem is we have yet to set up the business properly with website, business cards and the like. We HAVE registered the business name though. I am trying to sort that all out now.
Also we're having the devils job getting visa info as I said above. gggggr

Now back to the present. I have left my job in Qld Health to get the business up and running AND get everything sorted for the move but I just seem to be hitting deadends and frustrations. I will overcome though. I must!