Friday, 22 July 2011

MEP house renos

This is a back dated post I guess.
I went overseas on a rush with C to get the house reins started. I mean a rush. We booked a flight to Paris 5 hours before the plane left. It was crazy and wonderful. I'd been having massive emotional issues and C was heading over on the friday. I KNEW I couldn't cope without him so we booked the flight. I had to fly over the day before and wait for him at a hotel but it was worth it. As I'd left before my interview for the job I'd been doing on contract for 2 1/2 years, I ended up staying 6 weeks in France as no job to come back to.

C only could stay 2 weeks so I had 4 weeks on my own, ordering tiles, getting loyalty cards at the Leroy Merlin and generally wrangling the wonderful British builders into getting a new bathroom upstairs. It's the 1st time either of us will have an ensuite AND walk in robe area. OOh aint we swish!!

So this amazing bathroom- It's going to have a clawfoot bath, a waistband of very fancy tiles and a WC that has the sink incorporated into the top of the cistern. Wonderful vintage styled taps and sink as well.
Originally when C and I were planning it, the location was to be the middle room at the top of the stairs. When the plumber arrived (C had gone back to Oz by this) I was told it could only be in the end room due to the sewage location. So within a few hours I had redrawn the design to fit the end room. Thus an ensuite was born.

During the next 4 weeks I had to redesign it 2 more times and source EVERYTHING for it, in french. Thank you Google Translate and my iphone. I would have been a monosyllabic moron without you both.
I came home 2 weeks earlier than planned (8 weeks away) as it was C's birthday. So the bathroom was unfinished when I left but 2/3rds of the way there. So exciting.

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