Friday, 26 August 2011

why can't the words stick?

So I've just started the second level of french classes at AF Brisbane. I come out thinking that it's going in one ear and catching the TGV straight out again. So many verbs and not enough conversation.
Also the house we're renting is now having open houses every sat til it's sold. I'm getting really tired of it all. Only good point is that it's keeping us keep the house tidy.

Only about 3 weeks until our visa appointment. I've sorted my outfit and G's. Got the all clear from the cops (never a doubt but nice to have the official paperwork) for us both and most of the paperwork is all copied. Just the tickets to buy the week before and print out the bank balances.

Got an updated quote on the moving. We have culled enough to fit into the 20" container. I'm very happy.
Now that G is getting better from a nasty burn to his ankle I can start to destress. Looking forward to the following week as it's MY BIRTHDAY!!! a biggy too.
Goth ball, day at the sea, dinner with friends, lunch with other friends. It should be a lovely week.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Well another development. We went out last night to the dutton park copshop and paid for our criminal name searches. Got to have them for the visa appointment.
Which we also booked last night. Sept 19 is dee day. Let's hope they see our passion and massive desire to live there and grant our visas.
I'm feeling very stressed about it all.

I also sorted out the CDs. Took them out of the crystal cases and into cd albums. The cover art is there too. Now we gave lots of empty cases.