Friday, 23 September 2011

Visa applied for!!

We flew down to Sydney on sunday and spent a lovely time with friends having brunch. The hotel we stayed in overnight had everything we needed and was very close to the consulate.
We got up in the morning and ate breaky in the room before getting very smartly dressed. You see, I thought that by making an appointment we would be taken into a room for the visa application. I was wrong. It was a much more casual affair.
We went and handed in our appointment letters to the wonderful security gentleman then sat in the waiting area. There was an australian woman asking questions in very good french to a staff member and that made me feel so daunted. Every bit of french just left my head. I don't think I even used bonjour to the staff member - i just don't remember.
Chris was up first, and he looked wonderful. Stylish black shoes all a shiny and pants firm and fashionable. Great blue pinstipe shirt and dark purple velvet jacket. So handsome. The woman grilled him over most things so when it was my turn I wasn't asked as many questions. I was surprised because we stood at something very similar to a bank teller. Stood at the counter with a very heavy glass screen. the biometric fingerprint machine right in front of me and a seat to the side for the picture they take. So I was dressed up for no real reason but hopefully the visa picture will look good.

It took 45 min for our 2 appointments and we had the rest of the day in sydney to fill.
It's going to take 2-3 weeks before we hear the verdict and the consulate have our passports until then.
We've booked and paid for the tickets so we're on our way to being expats!

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