Thursday, 15 September 2011

Time is ticking down for our visa appointment. Monday is the day when we and our small novels of information will hopefully impress the consulate and they say Oui, Oui, Oui!!!

All our documents are got and copied twice. Our travel insurance is got for 12 months (we will have to explain that it will be extended to cover the rest of 2012 in the new year (we can only by exactly 12 months from ordering the insurance).  Tomorrow I book our tickets for a 3 week visit to UK before entering France for our year of immersion. See I'm still being positive about us getting the visas!

Moving wise our rental house may have sold- the buyers are waiting on finance. So if the house sells we're able to stay put for another month and the shipping of our gear can wait until visa confirmation!! Yay.

C's burnt ankle is slowly on the mend and we've been slowly packing stuff and selling stuff. But it's late now and I need sleep. I'll update again after the appointment.

Wish us huge luck!

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