Monday, 14 November 2011

The amazing business class experience!

We had to fly the long leg from Brisbane to Dubai in economy. Which was. Fine because we fly with Emirates and Ecomony is as pleasant as it can be. Food not bad and water whenever we needed it. Due to the flights we've been doing the last few years g has been upgraded fro. Blue to silver clad with the rewards programme so in Dubai we went to the business lounge. Big toilets and free food and drinks.
Strange observations in Dubai airport- the ladies toilet had no mirrored benches seperate to the sinks. So when I came out of the loo needing to wash my hands I had to push women doing makeup out of the way.
Also people do not seem to have a sense of space in airports. So many just stop in walkways and don't move to the side. It's a bit irritating.
So after about an hour in the lounge we headed to our gate via the swatch outlet for my ritual of buying a swatch watch each time I fly os. This is my last time doing it. I'll. Be flying the other way from now on so a new ritual perhaps. Got a chrono automatic. Just. Red it resized to fit as its about 3-4 links too big.
We checked in at business class because G the awesome upgraded us to business class for the Dubai to London leg with points we'd earned. OMG. The seats were the flatbed ones in individual pods on the upper floor of the airbus 380. Sooooo wonderful. I actually slept for about 2 hrs.
Food was amazing and served on linen covered trays. Linen napkins in metal napkin rings, proper cutlery and glasses, Verv Cliquot champagne flowing and so many attentive staff. Noise reducing headphones that really worked, tea warm and tasty. All in all I wouldn't have said b4 that the over double cost would have been worth it. I was wrong. There's a bar area with seats to sit and chat if you want. Toilets are bigger and they have combs,razor kits and full size toothbrush kits. I honesty dont think I can fly economy again. That sounds pretentious I know but it was SO different. Just wonderful. I felt less insane when I left the plane.
I felt calm enough that when I got my new luggage off the conveyor belt and found massive cracks in it I was able to calmly report the problem to the luggage people. Hopefully j will get a replacement for the $189 bag as its samsonite so to crack it like they did and leave massive drag marks on the front the baggage crew must have rolled over it or something. Also my moisturisers were smashed because of the cracks/rents. 2 to be precise.

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