Monday, 14 November 2011

Uk stopover

Such an adventure so far and not even on French soil yet.
This last week has been so crazy. We and I actually mean Chris sold his scooter on tues and then thur night he successfully sold the Fiat. So we had to get a roadworthy fri afternoon amidst everything else. It was nice to sit for 1/2 hour actually so it ended up not being a problem at all.
We stayed with my wonderful mum for just over a week, exploding possessions all over the place when we arrived and mostly cleared up on the day we left. Everyday we drive up to Brisbane from Waterford to spend the days doing soooo much. I also did my lat 2 French classes and thur G spend the day with his wonderful daughter. I got to spend the afternoon with them both and I have to say she is a treasure and a peach. I love her and so love seeing her with G ( & me).
Sat we had a lovely lunch with friends. Booked an outside table at Vagelis cafe (I keep calling it vagina cafe- it does look very similar you have to admit ). When we for there the table was too small and so we HAD to use the airconditioned function room. It was lovely. Food was great, service damn fine and company of the friends that could make it was just perfect.
Dearest Jane drove us to the airport and her plus the Maynards stayed for a short time before we headed through customs. Then a 2 hr wait and we boarded the plane.

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