Monday, 21 November 2011

Our 1st week in uk

So a while week has gone by and it feels like so much longer.
It's taken about 5-6 days to really get over the jetlag and G is still a bit tired due to the virus he's had.
Sunday we just got to Nottingham sorted and slept.
Monday was a rest day with me waiting for a collection of my broken suitcase and G went to the dr for the virus. It's becoming a habit for one of us having to see medical assistance on each trip.
Tuesday we did a bit of shopping and slept
Wednesday we waited for the new replacement suitcase. It came early and we went for a walk.
Thursday we headed into Nottingham for shopping for boots and a great coffee and lunch at Pret.
Friday we went to castleton and did the Speedwell cave then onto Buxton after a lunch at a pub at Sparrowpit. Went with Carol and Terry. The cave was almost 200 stairs down and up and a little boat down a narrow water filled cavern. Quite interesting.
Sat morning we went to the Bestwood winding house for a look see then a lovely walk to the Bestwood park hotel for a drink and walk back.
Sunday we drove (Carol that is) to whitby. The fog was thick Til halfway up the moors. Whitby was wonderful and the many stairs up to the abbey was worth it. Stayed the night at Ravenscar hotel and had a lovely venison dinner.

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