Friday, 4 November 2011

one step closer

We have moved and handed back the keys at our place in Bardon QLD. It took about 2 weeks to get everything shipped off, garaged saled, cleaned and packed and now it looks like we've exploded ALL OVER my mum's little house.
Very VERY big thanks go to Mat, Jane, Garth, Shaun, Sue and all our friends that bought stuff.
We have just over 1 week til we fly and have lots of little things to sort and throw and sell.

The cargo box pack was strange. 2 people came and within 7 hours they had packed everything in our house- upstairs and downstairs. It took them then 4 hours to put all items in the container. It felt strange to have an almost empty house and then to have strangers through 2 days later and buying our leftover stuff.

this weekend is our farewell party. then lots of appointments and the flight on sat.
wow this is coming on too fast now......but bring it on

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